Scientifically Proven Metrics

Years of data collection has identified the appropriate human data necessary to attain specialized results for an individual or group. LifeThrive’s proprietary battery of assessments helps you and your organization focus on your specific objectives, unique to your group’s culture and skill sets. Without this laser focus, your opportunity for success is limited.

Data Driven Solutions

Your company’s “H” factor data and developmental process will provide the focus for your organization. Here’s how it works. Upon completion of your team’s assessments, the data is extracted and entered into a developmental software program to ensure that any bias or prejudice is removed. Your personalized (or group aggregate) program is now populated with information that is orderly and perfectly scaled to each individual’s goals and aspirations.

Real World Applications

Once variables are analyzed, we give you more than numbers and graphs on a page. You are provided with an action planning process suitable for your culture and lifestyle. It is ordered in simple steps with real life examples to ensure there is no confusion or frustration. All you have to do is follow a few steps by populating the templates we provide you (if you are working independently). You will complete the process and succeed, as you are encouraged to complete each stage.


To enhance our client’s market position
by providing solutions based on empirical human data.


Creating next generational workspaces with employees that catalyze organizational success
by fulfilling their purpose personally and professionally.


  1. Unrelenting research to remain the industry leader
  2. Discovery of real truth that provides insights for our growth and development
  3. The integrity to identify, report and build on an individual’s true uniqueness
  4. An honest caring environment that promotes improvement
  5. Guaranteed results that produce prosperity in the truest sense of the word



Making sure the current and future needs of the company are met.


Care and accuracy in the hiring process


Individualized approaches for each employee provide the best tools.


Setting a customized personal development plan for their future.

Our Clients

Some of the companies that we’ve had the privilege of working with.