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LifeThrive Is a Scientifically Validated Process for Improving Self-esteem, Identifying Your Pathway in Life and Maximizing That Path’s Potential.

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  • Generic-Growth-Chart

    Developing Internal Support – Placing An Employee On The Fast Track!

    The key to approaching this process is to remember that you must lead your employees, not just manage their tasks. Make sure they see you are trying to help them by positioning them where they can learn and grow from others who have knowledge to share. Remember that employees (in general) are somewhat independent and require personal attention. However, you want to make sure the attention is positive, based on their individual aspirations, and positioned…

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  • 4CRadial1

    Make The Data Applicable To Your Department’s Environment

    To apply data, it must be used within the context of what you are trying to accomplish. Regardless of what assessment data you accumulate, it will not have relevance until you apply it in a manner that everyone understands. To do this you must create an environment that is user-friendly, which can only happen when there is exposure to people skills data – commonly called “soft skills.” While this concept may seem out of context or…

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  • PersonalSkillsRanking

    Focus On The Data That Brings The Greatest ROI

     Focus on the data that brings the greatest ROI Let’s use the example of information you can gather to fill in the column on “Assessments and Talent Management” for the rubric on the previous blog. Most companies focus on data that does not bring comparatively strong ROI. If you analyze the information above you will see the first thing a manager needs to know about candidates, is whether or not they match the job description,…

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  • budgetCuts

    Use Your Team’s Capacity, Character And Competencies To Make Up For Budget Cuts

    Increasing individual capacity without much additional funding What many managers and employees miss is that there is a wealth of free training and information. All you have to do is do a search. For example, if you are considering formal education for your marketing department, you can inquire with the following 20 institutions about opportunities to improve your education, at no cost: ·         Online Education Database ·         Harvard and MIT (joint effort) ·         Open Culture…

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