“We use people metrics to engage and optimize employees, directly impacting your bottom line.”

Scientifically Proven Metrics

Years of data collection have identified the appropriate human indicators necessary to attain specialized results for an individual or group. That data can be applied in the same way marketing metrics are applied to business plans and fiscal figures are applied to financial plans. LifeThrive’s proprietary battery of assessments helps you and your organization focus on specific objectives, unique to your group’s culture and skill sets. Without this laser focus, your opportunity for success is limited.

Data Driven Solutions

Your company’s success in its people and developmental processes require very specific applications of your employee’s metrics. Here’s how it works. Upon completion of each individual’s assessments, the data is extracted and entered into a personalized developmental program to ensure that any bias or prejudice is removed. The results provide a perfectly ordered and scaled process to each individual’s growth and development, taking into consideration their goals and aspirations. As you grow your people, you grow your profitability.

Real World Applications

Once variables are analyzed, we give you more than numbers and graphs on a page. You are provided with exactly what you need to onboard each individual into your corporate culture. It is ordered in simple steps with both personal (soft) and professional (technical) developmental programs to ensure there is no confusion or frustration. After collaboration with our professional, All you have to do is follow a few steps by and you will have created the training and developmental processes for the first few years of their employment cycle.

  • Working with our Management Team in identifying their own personal strengths and qualities will prove to be more effective with our interpersonal relationships. Becoming more observant of the strengths and qualities of others will only more define our leadership abilities. Thank you.

    Steve C. Bair
    Discount Auto Parts
  • Since your training, my sales performance has taken off. I applied the LifeThrive process and increased my sales revenues from $8,900 to $13,000 in only 45 days. More significantly, the changes in my personal life were equally impressive. I am reenergized and know I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

    John Lee
  • LifeThrive showed me exactly what the limitations and problem areas in my life were and gave me an easy process by which I learned how to remove and overcome them. Believe me, I’m living proof that a person can change faster than I ever thought possible. I’m doing things today that would never have been possible before LifeThrive.

    Wendle Minkler
    Business Rapport
  • I must comment on your intervention processes and their results. I watched while your methods produced double digit productivity and sales increases as well as a safer working environment and culture. I perceived that people’s lives took a new and better turn as they sat through LifeThrive training.

    Chuck Edwards
    Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security, Division of Safety
  • Your insightful training added a totally new dimension to the skills our people will take into the marketplace. While I have experienced sales training in the past, your behavioral introspection has helped our reps better understand themselves and help identify key behaviors of their clients.

    Kim Magdalein
    Pot O’Gold Productions, Inc.
  • We were very much “stuck” in a rut and needed the jump start you have provided to really recharge the employees and get us thinking creatively about working together. I have noticed an improvement in several relationships and look forward to additional benefits as we begin to incorporate your materials into our lives.

    Douglas J. Eng
    Intellicon Incorporated
  • The result of the LifeThrive training sessions has marked an increase in the quality of new business proposals and strengthened our ability to communicate and nurture key relationships. In fact, our close ratio has risen over 5% in the short time since the training.

    Stephen Mueller

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